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The paradox of order

The Paradox of Order is a research based project that explores the notion of why we seek order in the world.  One manifestation of the research involves creating "Museums" of objects (and in some cases sounds and/or memories) found/from/about a place, collected, prepared and installed over a set period of time, in as public a place as possible.  The local community is encouraged to lend objects and share the story/history of the object, identifying its significance as part of the collection. The museum project was developed during a residency in Lisbon where The museum of small objects was established (over the month of February, 2015) creating a context which allowed others to appreciate found objects and think about curation and collecting-- this video was part of the project: You can see more images of the The museum of small objects here.


Two more Museums were perfromed over the summer of 2015 as part of two community festivals—one in Pimlico (London) and one in Ludlow.  Artists and community members were invited to get involved in all aspects of the projects.


Engagement and collaboration, both of practicing artists and members of the community, is important to my practice, thus ownership of most projects is openly shared.  In many cases the work is performed by an informal collective of artists and members of the community who have come togetherto be a part of individual projects.  



"Why do we seek order in the world?"

Copyright Teresa Albor 2015