Often, ownership for Paradox of Order projects is openly shared-- when possible, an informal collective of artists and members of the community are invited to come together to be a part of individual projects, generate ideas and perform the work.


Performing "Museum", Pimlico  


Lais Pontes is an artist whose work involves research into the construction of identity in the age of social media and its contemporary problematic. As a social media artist and user of digital platforms, she is interested in delving into the social and psychological shift in contemporary behavior.


Jess Rose is an artist who also does lens based documentation of artists' projects. She has been involved in ongoing and past projects including Tempting Failure and No birth ever goes to plan.


Sheffield based Eddy Dreadnought .  His work uses performance, drawing, film, found object sculpture and writing, and is usually based on significant research.


Musician and chef Will Briant will be making a "sound collection" which will be the official soundtrack of the performance.


Teresa Albor is a multidisciplinary artist, with a studio practice, based in London.  She is interested in site specific projects and working with/within communities, Current investigations revolve around what art is, who it is for, and how and where it is made.


Performing "Museum", Ludlow


Artist and curator Daisy Rickards is inspired by interaction.  She is one of the founding directors of Framework Herefordshire, which is a company providing a support network for emerging artists.  


Artist Catherine Wynne-Paton is interested in "the gap between random and meaningful" and is currently researching chaos and order.


Artist Kate Morgan-Clare wrote recently: "I’m caught up in the subject of our relationships with objects and their role in holding and projecting ideas about our identity."


Artist Ash Roberts happens to be a collector of machinery.


Artist Vivian Barraclough is interested in collaborative working.


Shropshire based poet Jean Atkin writes collaborative poetry. It is said that her work has a "historical sense: fact and myth are blended into coherent wholes', which lends itself to the documentation of museum objects.  


Poet Martin Evans is drawn to the less appreciated objects in our lives. He is the humourist behind The Welsh Space Agency and B5105.com.  He is also a founder member of the telegraph appreciation society.  


(Also Teresa Albor, please see above.)